Glow morning of 9/21/2016: Place the elderly - By Paul Calzada

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Glow morning of 9/21/2016: Place the elderly - By Paul Calzada Empty Glow morning of 9/21/2016: Place the elderly - By Paul Calzada

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Happy reading and good listening to your Radio Gospel C.J.Q.S. at:

"Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honor the face of the old man. Fear your God. I am the Lord "(Leviticus 19.32).

The First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte was at Boulogne when they brought him a British soldier, who had tried to reach England in fashioning a miserable skiff made of a few planks and tree logs.
He asked the young Englishman if he really intended to cross the English Channel on the makeshift boat. To which the young man replied without hesitation: "Yes, sir, if I may. "- Do you have a girlfriend waiting for you there? Asked Napoleon. - No, replied the soldier, but I would see my mother, old and sick. -
Then you have my permission, and here's some money to take care of it.
This should be an outstanding mother to have a son who loves him to the point of risking his life in a fragile skiff ...
Orders were given to bring this young man on a French ship, carrying a white flag, to deliver the first English ship that would cross.
The Bible calls us to treat with respect the elderly.
The apostle Paul exhorts young Timothy, working within the Christian community at Ephesus, saying: "Rebuke not an elder, but exhort him as a father [...] older women like mothers [... ] "(I Timothy 5.1).

Recent developments in our lifestyles, from family breakdown, changes in the age structure in our societies, are the number of elderly is increasingly important.
But their fate is not always enviable. Many of them are totally forgotten their families.
As Christians, the fate of the elderly forgotten, can not leave us indifferent.
Take care of the weak is a recommendation of our Lord.
Forge strong links with the former, is to give meaning to our life is our own life enrich their experience, their knowledge of God.

You who are older, do not demean you, consider that you can still be useful in fulfilling the projects of God.
It is seventy-four years Tintoretto painted the magnificent painting of Paradise.
It is eighty-five years Verdi composed his famous Te Deum.
It is eighty-eighteen that Titian painted the picture entitled: The Battle of Lepanto.

My prayer on this day:

With the Psalmist, saying: "Do not forsake me, O God! Even in old age, so I announce thy strength unto this generation, your power to the next generation! "(Psalm 71.18).

Paul Calzada


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