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Faithful unto death

"Be faithful until death, and I will give thee a crown of life" (Apocalypse 2.10).

Alexamenos was a Roman Christian soldier, living in Rome in the second century Caricature J.C. represents Alexamenos at the foot of a cross, on which the crucified has an ass's head.
Mocking caption says: Alexamenos love his god. Alexamenos was ridiculed, and in whom he believed (Christ). This faithful witness to Christ lived his last hours under the jeers of his contemporaries.
However, having noted, Alexamenos wrote just below the first inscription: "Alexamenos the faithful! "
At a time when thousands of Christians were massacred, looted, tortured, Iraq, Syria, and in many other places like Nigeria, one may ask, "But why do not they give up? "
Because they chose to remain faithful to Him in whom they believed, even at the cost of their lives.
Certainly we are outraged by these abuses, but our land of France also experienced the dark hours for Protestant Christians, with St. Bartholomew and dragonnades.
We all have in our memories the poignant story of Marie Durand that young Protestant locked at the age of 18, and for 38 years in the Tower of Constance near Arles.
All he had to say a word to be released: "I give up" but she chose to engrave in stone another word: "Resist".
Chapter 11 of Hebrews ends by listing all those who through faith and their faith, "they endured mockery, scourging, even chains and imprisonment; they were stoned, sawn asunder; died by the sword ... wandered in deserts and mountains ... ". They were faithful to death as was their Lord and Savior, faithful unto death, and death on a cross (Philippians 2.Cool.
Loyalty is a virtue that does not support any percentage, can not be true at 50% or 90%, it can not be at 100%.
What loyalty lesson we give those who today are able to persevere in the midst of all their persecutions!
When I see some believers turn away from the Lord for trifles of nothing, I ask myself, "What would they do if their lives were to be exposed for their faith? "
Thinking about Alexamenos, Marie Durand and thousands of anonymous people who have remained faithful until death, you can address this morning to God this prayer:
My prayer for today:
Lord, thou hast been faithful in fulfilling the will of the Father unto death, thank you to be near those who are persecuted today and for my part, none of the miseries I cross and are nothing compared to their suffering, not just to separate me from you. Amen!
Paul Calzada


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