Please the Lord of 09/21/2016: The Christian's attitude to suffering

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Please the Lord of 09/21/2016: The Christian's attitude to suffering Empty Please the Lord of 09/21/2016: The Christian's attitude to suffering

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"Let those who suffer according to the will of God commit their souls in doing good, to a faithful Creator." 1 Peter 4 19

Since sin entered the world, suffering is part of our human condition.
During his human life among us, the Lord has known too. We often ask questions about it, and especially that of our response to suffering.
We may be tempted to resign ourselves and accept it as our fate.
But this is not a good answer, because Christians know that they are not toys chance.
On the contrary, we are in the hands of our Father. We also have access to him through prayer.
We have in our hands the possibility to act on our lives with the Lord, particularly during periods when the pain is harassing us.
Another approach would be to rebel and accuse God.
In this case, it means, although it is hard to hear, that our relationship with God may be wrong.
If we let develop in us thoughts of rebellion, we may drift away from God.
If we believe that God is severe, we forget that he is a loving Father in grace and truth.
God loves us as we are.
He wants, not punish us, but we train.
He wants to transform our questions into constructive thoughts that will make us grow spiritually.
If we try to look up, we will understand that God has a purpose for us, he proposes to accomplish in us.
Instead of being discouraged, we get closer to him to taste the sweetness of His love.
Talking thus not escape the problem of suffering.
This is the result of the experience of a lifetime at the school of God.
A Christian experience reports that young believer, he noted thirty difficult questions that had no answers.
Rereading years later, he realized that most of them had been answered as and as he read the scriptures and learned to better live in communion with God.
The question "Why suffering? "Was perhaps part of his list.
Let us be assured that, as brother, if God does not give us all the answers, He will strengthen and grow our faith.
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