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P.A.S. du 01/10/16 : Reliable stone Empty P.A.S. du 01/10/16 : Reliable stone

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"You have tasted that the Lord is good. You approached him, a living stone, rejected by men but chosen and précieuseauprès of God ... "1 Peter 2, 3, 4

Reliable stone

viaduct of the "Good" in the Ardèche is still under construction when on 8 September 1902, the highest arch of the book yields sharply.

Nine workers die after a terrible fall of 35 meters.
This disaster was caused by the rupture of a crow (stone that helps to support the scaffolding).
This stone was not chosen carefully enough and nobody had noticed his fragilité.Tous workers were traumatized by the death of their companions.
For future work, we then took much more care in selecting these stones.
A mason agreed to resume the work.
He carefully examined every stone to serve as a raven, to eliminate those that might have the slightest imperfection.

This story illustrates the importance, for construction, to rely on a quality stone, carefully selected to provide good support points. It is not otherwise in the spiritual realm.
The apostle Peter said that Jesus Christ really is the rock on which our faith can not be based risque.Imitons bricklayer who took over the work after the disaster.
Look carefully in the Gospels life, words and deeds of Jesus.
We will discover the perfection of one called living stone, stone foundation or cornerstone, on which rests the whole building.

It is unique! We can gladly trust him and we approach it.
As the physical life of the workers depended on the quality of a single stone, the same way our eternal life depends solely on Jesus Christ.
In addition, it is on this basis alone what built his whole church (Matt. 16. 16, 18).
Let us beware and reject the stones that would be a bad foundation for our faith, for example traditions, philosophies, legalism.

Jesus Christ is the "corner stone, elect, precious: and he who believes in it will not be confused "(1 Pet. 2 6)


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