Your listening program on Tuesday

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Your listening program on Tuesday

Message par Admin le Mar 27 Sep - 12:28

Your listening program on Tuesday your Gospel Radio with beautiful musical and emissions Theme, be blessed
Schedules are given in Québec City time, Ajoutre six hours to seven hours Europe for Africa

Do not FORGET to 16 hours in Quebec issuing Force G. Live

Good listening, be blessed

0:00 Music continuous
2:00 Bible Quiz (r)
3:00 F G (r)
5:00 J R S

5:30 In touch
6:00 Radio Preaching
7:00 Pain Quotidien
7:05 Music continuous
7:15 Thought for the Day
7:30 His Word for today
7:35 Music continuous
8:00 Radio Remembrance
9:00 Fernand Legrand
10:00 Country Gospel (New)
10:30 There is not so long
11:00 Continuous Music
12:00 Bible Quiz
1:00 p.m. J R S Live
1:30 p.m. Living Word
2:00 p.m. Music continuous
4:00 p.m. F G Live
5:30 p.m. Music continuous
6:00 p.m. His Word for today
6:05 p.m. Music continuous
7:00 p.m.Radio Preaching
8:00 p.m. Christian Mag
9:00 p.m.Music continuous
11:00 p.m. His Word for today
11:05 p.m. Music continuous


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