The daily bread of 09/23/16: A urgency of mind

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The daily bread of 09/23/16: A urgency of mind Empty The daily bread of 09/23/16: A urgency of mind

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A urgency of mind

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An emergency of mind

Here the funeral hymn David over Saul and Jonathan his son.
2 Samuel 1.17

In March 2011, a devastating tsunami hit Japan, carrying nearly 16 000 lives razing towns and villages along the coast. Gretel Erlich, author and poet, went to Japan to see the situation there and report. Feeling unable to properly report what she saw, she composed a poem to describe it. In an interview with the NewsHour on PBS, she said "My old friend William Stafford, a now vanished poet, said" The poem is an emergency of the mind. ' "

Throughout the Bible, we find poetry intended to express deep emotion from joyous praise mourning mingled with anxiety. Death in battle of King Saul and his son Jonathan David plunged into a terrible mourning (2 Sam 1.1-12). He poured his soul into a poem which he gave the title "The arc of the song" "Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives, have not been separated in their death [...] How heroes-they fell in the midst of battle? [. .] I am in pain because of you, Jonathan my brother! You were all my pleasure "(vv. 23-26).

Before "an emergency of the mind" - happy or sad - we can offer the Lord prayers similar to a poem. Even if we may have trouble putting our feelings into words, our heavenly Father receives our words as a sincere expression of our heart. - D.C.M.

God does not just read the words; it also reads hearts.


• Read> 2 Samuel 1.17-27

17David composed this lament for Saul and his son Jonathan.
18IL ordered to teach the children of Judah; This is the lament of the Arc which is recorded in the Book Fair.
19Ton elite, Israel, was pierced there on your hills.
Alas, they fell all the valiant warriors!
20N'allez not publish this news to Gath,
and do not announce it in the streets of Ashkelon:
Philistine girls would start to sing,
the daughters of the uncircumcised jump for joy.
21O mountains of Gilboa,
that there be dew nor rain on you,
there are slopes on your most fertile fields where do offerings
there were debased the brave shields
and that of Saul
we never will coat with oil.
22Ah! the bow of Jonathan never backed
without having spilled the blood of his victims without having pierced the fat of warriors,
and the sword of Saul never came back without having accomplished his task successfully.
23Saül and Jonathan, loved and esteemed throughout their lives,
were not separated in their death.
Yes, you were both swifter than eagles
and stronger than lions.
24O daughters of Israel, weep, weep Saul
which you coated in purple and jewels and filled with delight,
adorning your clothes
a gold ornament.
25Hélas they fell in the middle of these brave fight!
Yes ! Alas, Jonathan! He was struck dead on the hills!
26Ah! Jonathan, my brother,
I am in trouble because of your death,
you, my best friend, who hast been so dear to me!
Your affection for me I was most valuable
the love of a woman!
27Hélas they fell all these brave warriors!
Alas, they perished these fighting men!


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