Thought of the Day 23.09.16: Money does not buy everything Paul Calzada

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Thought of the Day 23.09.16: Money does not buy everything Paul Calzada

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Money does not buy everything Paul Calzada

They can not buy each other, nor give to God the price of their redemption. The redemption of their soul is precious, and never will be "Psalm 49.8-9.
Many philosophers, thinkers, columnists had the opportunity to speak on the theme of the power of money.
Here are some of the citations here and there: "You can buy the fun but not love." "You can buy a slave but not a friend." "You can buy a woman but not a wife." "We can buy food but not appetite." "You can buy medicine but not health." "You can buy tranquilizers but not peace." "You can buy the acquittal, or a non-place, in an indictment, but not forgiveness."
And above all this say that we can not buy no God, no heaven, even if religions since time immemorial, sought to monetize the divine clemency. But God is not for sale.
The only price that might redeem us is that which was paid by Christ.
How can we buy one to whom all things belong?
The managers that we are, can they buy the one that told them his goods? To those who wanted to buy his forgiveness, God said, "What have I to do with the multitude of your sacrifices?" Isaiah 1.11.
On the redemption of our souls, in the text of that day, God said that this acquisition is impossible.
That has the merit of being clear! There is no staff, no gift, as important as it is, that can save us!
No gift, no legs, no fortune can buy the rest of our souls!
Those who imagine that a big check left a particular religious organization can facilitate access to the sky, are wrong.
The only price that might redeem us is that which was paid by Christ.
Pierre we clearly said: "It is not with corruptible things, as silver or gold that you were redeemed ... but with the precious blood of Christ ..." 1 Peter 1.18-19.
It is not possible to purchase our salvation, as it is impossible to monetize some blessing whatsoever.
It's not because you give you will be blessed.
Leaving some Biblical texts from their context, religious believers to grow to give in return they receive healing, wealth, health, work, prosperity ... They use texts like this: "Give, and it shall be given you ... "Luke 6:38 to suggest that if you give, you receive in return. They dangle - sometimes to those in deep poverty - in terms of their generosity, they will get this or that divine favor.
It is a lie that only benefits these barkers!
Thanksgiving for today
Thank you Lord, for your forgiveness and your salvation offered me free.
Paul Calzada


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