P.D.J. of 01/10/16 : GRAB LIFE

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P.D.J. of 01/10/16 : GRAB LIFE Empty P.D.J. of 01/10/16 : GRAB LIFE

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Happy reading and good listening to your radio Gospel C.J.Q.S. at this address http://cjqsradio.blogspot.fr/p/radio.html , have a great day with the Lord, bless soyer


I am come that they might have life and have it abundantly. "John 10:10

Sometimes the attachment to the past can prevent you enter these joys.

Although yesterday was good today new blessings await you. His grace did not arrive with their terms.

Are you ready for? The choice is yours
The Lord can give meaning to your vie.Suivre Jesus is to leave behind your fears and all that prevents you to live peacefully! It is to believe that all these powers of death that bind you are already defeated by Christ and that you have the power, under all circumstances, the triumph of life.

Following Jesus gives hope to the unfortunate.
Fatalism does not exist with the Lord nothing obliges you to remain a prisoner of your past.
The Lord can give meaning to your life.
Now the Lord expects you to go forward.
I refuse to believe that God is dead, but I have faith that he is the same yesterday, today and forever.
I refuse to believe that the Lord's generosity is exhausted, but I have faith that his goodness is new every morning.
Yes, I refuse to be bound by the past, when the best is ahead of me.

You have sinned? Ask forgiveness; repent and go ahead!
You have lost a loved one? Weep that you have to cry, let God comfort you and go ahead!
You have been betrayed? Forgive, move on and go forward!
You've made mistakes? Learn from your failures and go ahead!

Yes, go grab life.

A Prayer for Today
Lord, I want to move forward, I want to keep this confidence that the best is yet to come, Amen.
Patrice Martorano


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